Platu 25 World Championship 2018
18th - 25th of August

Riga, Latvia




General Secretary of International Platu 25 Class Association Tatiana Ermakova about World Championship 2018 in Riga, Latvia | 1/14/2018

“While Platu 25 Class is growing in the Northern Europe it is the right time and right place to run the next World Championship in Latvia. Latvian Platu 25 Class Association is young but looks very active, contributive to the class and able to organize a high level event”: says General Secretary of International Platu 25 Class Association Tatiana Ermakova.

Tatiana says: “We never had a World Championship in this part of Europe before.

It’s very interesting for many sailors to discover new places for sailing. Also, it will attract more participants from the neighboring countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and others.”

Latvian Platu 25 Class Association is very well supported by the Latvian Yachting Union and Riga’s government. It looks like very reliable organization and we are sure that World Championship 2018 will be run in a very high level. Also after having met the key persons of the OA we realized that these young people full of energy and great ideas supported by the Class are able to do the great job in making the event unforgettable.  

“If we are talking about Platu 25 development, it looks like now the Class is having the second wind. New National Associations are being introduced, requests of getting new boats are coming and coming and it gives us the energy to look for new ways of developing the class. Also in 2018 at some events we will try to use new formats to make the class racing more available for the teams coming from far away. Nowadays in many places Platus are used for match races, league format events which are getting more and more popular and our class suits for running such competitions which is also a good way for the class to develop.” tells Tatiana.